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0S3 Summer Bike Smashes Enrollment Record with Over 100 Enthusiastic Participants

Nogales, Friday, July 30, 2023 – The 0S3 Summer Bike Camp has achieved a remarkable milestone this summer of 2023, welcoming an astounding number of over 100 children to its engaging and educational program. The camp, which spans two weeks, has become a thriving hub for children aged 3 to 18 years, providing a safe, fun, and enriching experience like never before. This record-breaking enrollment is a testament to the program’s commitment to fostering a love for cycling while promoting safety, learning, and enjoyment among its young participants.

Simple Objectives: Safety, Learning, and Fun

The guiding principles of the 0S3 Summer Bike Camp remain simple yet profound: ensuring the safety, learning, and enjoyment of every child involved. Throughout the two-week program, children have the opportunity to dive into the world of cycling, exploring essential mechanics for their bicycles and learning how to navigate the streets safely and responsibly. The camp’s experienced instructors impart fundamental cycling regulations to equip young cyclists with the knowledge and confidence to traverse the city streets securely.

Empowering Young Cyclists

At the heart of the 0S3 Summer Bike Camp lies a passion for empowering young cyclists. Children are not only taught the mechanics of their bicycles but also encouraged to embrace cycling as an eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation. The program instills a sense of adventure and freedom, encouraging children to explore their community with newfound confidence and independence.

Support from the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools of Alfredo I. Velasquez

This year’s extraordinary enrollment numbers were made possible through the generous support of the summer programs organized by the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools of Alfredo I. Velásquez. Their commitment to promoting education and personal growth among the youth of Nogales has been instrumental in allowing so many children to participate in the 0S3 Summer Bike Camp. This collaboration has proven to be a resounding success, creating a profound impact on the lives of these young participants.

A Bright Future Ahead

The success of the 0S3 Summer Bike Camp in 2023 serves as a glimpse into the bright future ahead for Nogales’ and Santa Cruz County young cycling enthusiasts. The program’s dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for learning and recreation has won the hearts of parents and children alike. As the summer comes to a close, the memories and skills gained at the camp will undoubtedly remain cherished, inspiring a new generation of responsible and enthusiastic cyclists.

About 0S3:

0S3 is a youth-led movement dedicated to promoting cycling and outdoor activities as a means of fostering physical and mental well-being among the youth of Nogales. Through various initiatives, including the Summer Bike Camp, 0S3 aims to create a positive impact on the community while nurturing a love for cycling and outdoor exploration.

For media inquiries or more information about 0S3 and the Summer Bike Camp, please contact us.

1st 2023 Season Practice Starts

Our first official practice of the season begins with an excellent response and participation from youth athletes!!!!!!

0S3 youth volunteer at the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank

0S3 Reptilians Binational Youth Cycling Team/Border Youth On Bikes and coaches had the opportunity to volunteer at the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank in Nogales, Arizona. It’s a fantastic initiative to give back to the community and support the great humanitarian work done by organizations like the food bank.

Volunteering at a food bank provides valuable hands-on experience and a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity. By packing community groceries, the young volunteers contribute to ensuring that nutritious food reaches individuals and families in need.

It’s heartening to know that Monica Gonzalez and Griselda Navarro provided a kind welcome and attentive support to the volunteers. Their dedication and guidance are instrumental in creating a positive volunteer experience and fostering a sense of community engagement.

We commend your efforts in promoting volunteerism and highlighting the important work done by the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. Such collaborations are instrumental in creating stronger, more resilient communities.


2636 N Donna Ave
Nogales, AZ 85621


(520) 281-2790

Food Distribution:

Tuesday – Friday: 8:00am – 11:00am

1st Saturday of the month: 9:00am – 12:00pm


Pedal Girl, Pedal

This past Saturday, June 24 we had the honor on receiving Chloe Woodruff, Programs Director from the Arizona Cycling Association who was a USA Olympic Athlete. Chloe was in charge of the program Pedal Girl, Pedal in Nogales, Arizona with the help of other coaches and volunteers.
Pedal Girl, Pedal! is our outreach initiative focused on recruiting and retaining female student-athletes, coaches, and volunteers. Why does the ACA need special measures to recruit more girls and women if programming is inclusive and equal? Although we have been successful in providing equal opportunities to everyone once they’re participating in our programs, we can only be truly equal when we address that some females may at times need different things to feel welcome and invited into ACA activities.

0S3 Movement: Promoting Cycling Culture Through Community Collaboration

Edgardo Muñoz, 0S3 President; Melissa Gallegos, 0S3 Director; Alma Isela Medina Maldonado, Alcaldesa de Arizpe; Ruth Plascencia and Jesus Quijada Quintanar from Arizpe

In early 2023, the Posada Pedalers, GVR Cycling Club, Cyclists of Quail Creek and Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocacy Committee (SCVBAC) in Green Valley, Arizona, made a significant contribution to the 0S3 Movement by donating a substantial number of bicycles. This generous donation is set to make a remarkable impact on the movement’s various programs, including Fix2Own, Adopt A Bike, and Bike 2 School, which aim to foster a cycling culture within their region. The influence of this donation will extend beyond borders, reaching rural towns and cities in northern and central Sonora, Mexico, such as Imuris, Magdalena, Cucurpe, and Arizpe. This article highlights the commendable efforts of local authorities and organizations involved in this collaboration and emphasizes the positive outcomes achieved through community initiatives.

Reaching New Communities Thanks to the support of Posada Pedalers, GVR Cycling Club, Cyclists of Quail Creek and Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocacy Committee (SCVBAC), the 0S3 Movement’s reach will extend to previously untapped areas. The donation of bicycles will be transported to rural towns and cities in northern and central Sonora, including Imuris, Magdalena, Cucurpe, and Arizpe. By introducing cycling culture to these communities, the 0S3 Movement aims to broaden horizons and foster a new wave of enthusiasm for cycling.

The dedication of local authorities plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of community initiatives. In this case, the mayoress of Arizpe, Alma Icela Medina Maldonado, and Mr. Jesús Quijada Quintanar from Ecology Liaison and Municipal Assistant went above and beyond their duties. They personally received the donated bicycles and made a six-hour round trip to ensure their safe delivery to Arizpe, Sonora. This exceptional effort demonstrates their commitment to bringing joy to the residents of their town and highlights the importance of strong leadership in community development.

The collaboration between the 0S3 Movement, the Posada Pedalers, GVR Cycling Club, Cyclists of Quail Creek and Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocacy Committee (SCVBAC), and local authorities exemplifies the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. By promoting cycling and providing bicycles to those in need, these organizations are not only encouraging physical activity but also contributing to sustainable transportation. Furthermore, they are fostering a sense of community and well-being among residents. This inspiring collaboration serves as a shining example of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through collective efforts.

The donation of bicycles by the Posada Pedalers, GVR Cycling Club, Cyclists of Quail Creek and Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocacy Committee (SCVBAC) has opened new doors for the 0S3 Movement. By extending their reach to rural towns and cities in Sonora, Mexico, the movement aims to promote cycling culture and create lasting impact. The personal involvement of local authorities, such as the mayoress of Arizpe, showcases the unwavering commitment to community development. This collaborative effort emphasizes the power of community initiatives in encouraging physical activity, sustainable transportation, and fostering a sense of well-being among residents. The 0S3 Movement and its partners serve as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the transformative potential that lies within collective action.

The inaugural 0S3 Youth Bike Packing event was nothing short of extraordinary

The inaugural youth bike packing event was nothing short of extraordinary. It brought together a group of adventurous young cyclists who embarked on an unforgettable journey through stunning landscapes and challenging terrains.

The event was a celebration of youth empowerment, encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the freedom and exhilaration that comes with bike packing. The riders, equipped with their bikes and gear, embarked on a day expedition, exploring remote trails, scenic backroads, and natural wonders.

Throughout the journey, the youth cyclists experienced the transformative power of the great outdoors. They witnessed breathtaking sunrises, arrived at beautiful Patagonia Lake, and forged lasting friendships with fellow riders. The physical challenges they encountered along the way tested their endurance, resilience, and teamwork, leading to personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.

The event also emphasized environmental stewardship, with participants learning about sustainable practices and Leave No Trace principles. They gained a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding them and developed a greater understanding of the importance of preserving and protecting these areas for future generations.

The first youth bike packing event created a space for young cyclists to push their limits, embrace adventure, and foster a sense of community. It inspired a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts, instilling in them a love for exploration, a connection with nature, and a passion for cycling.

This and other 0S3 Movement programs are carried out thanks to the support of our volunteers and coaches, as well as the important financial support of our collaborators and sponsors CLICK HERE for more information.

Youth from Ambos Nogales ready for adventure “Bike Packing”

All set up for this coming Saturday, June 10th, 2023, our 1st Bike Packing program lounches. This program will be a binational youth oriented. Here is a short description of the activity and some of the many benefits.

Bike packing, which involves using a bicycle to travel and camp in remote areas, can have several benefits for youths. Some of these benefits include:

1. Physical fitness: Bikepacking requires significant physical exertion, which can improve cardiovascular health, endurance, and overall physical fitness. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.

2. Mental health: Spending time in nature and engaging in physical activity has been shown to have positive effects on mental health. Bikepacking can provide a sense of adventure, accomplishment, and self-reliance, which can boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. Environmental awareness: Bikepacking promotes an appreciation for the natural environment and can inspire youths to become more environmentally conscious. It can also encourage sustainable travel habits and reduce carbon emissions.

4. Social skills: Bikepacking trips often involve teamwork and communication, which can improve social skills and build strong relationships with peers.

5. Problem-solving skills: Bikepacking requires planning, problem-solving, and decision-making, which can develop critical thinking skills and improve problem-solving abilities.

Overall, bikepacking can provide a unique and rewarding experience for youths that promotes physical and mental health, environmental awareness, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

For more information contact Melissa Gallegos, Program Director at 520.257.7756 or 0s3movement@gmail.com

Trail Building and Maintenance Work Day

0S3 Reptilians Binational Youth Cycling Team. Participating in building and maintaining a part of the mountain biking trail not only contributes to their development as athletes but also strengthens their sense of responsibility and commitment as members of the team.

The involvement of coaches, community volunteers, and family members further highlights the importance of teamwork and community support. It’s heartening to see everyone coming together to create a conducive training environment for the team and prepare for the upcoming regular season.

Activities like these not only enhance the skills and abilities of the youth but also foster a sense of ownership and pride in their training home.

UnisourceEnergy Family Safety Day

We were invited to participate in the UnisourceEnergy family safety day in Nogales, Arizona where we had an activity for the children where they were given basic cycling education through some useful tips and a short bike course with obstacles to develop their skills. cycling.

Great response from youth to the first MTB Tryouts!

Great response from the local youth to the first tryouts for the beginning of the mountain biking season. Next Wednesday, July 27, will be the last day for youth from Nogales and all of Santa Cruz County to show up and know a little more about what it takes to be a member of the 0S3Reptilians Youth Cycling Team which represents our region in the Arizona Mountain Bike Youtt State Championship.

Gran respuesta de jovenes a los primeros ”’tryouts” para el comienzo de la temporada de ciclismo de montaña. El siguiente miercoles 27 de Julio sera el ultimo dia para que jovenes de Nogales y todo el Condado de Santa Cruz se presenten y conoscan un poco mas de que se requiere para ser un miembro del equipo 0S3Reptilians Youth Cycling Team el cual representa a nuestra region en el campeonato estatal juvenil de Arizona.