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Our Founders

Meet the couple, Melissa Gallegos and Edgardo Munoz, founders of 0S3 Movement.

Edgardo Muñoz and Melissa Gallegos

Melissa Gallegos and Edgardo Munoz are both:

  • Spanish speakers
  • Year round bike commuters
  • Complete Street supporters
  • Road and MTB racers
  • Parents
  • Certified bike coaches
  • Community leaders
  • Love to wear green
  • Passionate for their community
  • Bi-national initiatives supporters

They like to ride bikes. A lot.

Edgardo and Melissa believe that bicycles are much more than tangible things or toys. They see bikes as powerful tools in promoting independence, freedom, confidence and stronger, better-connected communities “reliable and autosuficient way of transportation”. Whether it’s commuting to work year-round or riding to the store, bikes are a huge part of their family’s lives.

They started inviting people thru social media telling them to come and bike ride with them, the first day they went from being 2 bike riders to 4 bike riders, Karla Osete and Jesus Hernandes who made fast click forming a small but solid group. Later they made a golden rule, when a new person joins the group they will have to invite another person, and that’s how everything started “The Big Ban”.

Karla Osete and Jesus Hernandez – co-founders

Today, 0S3 Movement has grown to become much more than just people getting rid of their daily stress pedaling or just socializing. From a community bike ride “FNR” to a competitive team to youth empowerment projects to educational programming including Summer Bike Camp, Bike2School, Fix2Own and the ambitious construction of the Monte Carlo Trails Park, 0S3 Movement is developing happy, healthy, ready to learn kids and building stronger, better connected and more walk / bike communities by empowering the young and young at heart.


Your support and donation means the world to us. We wish you and your business continued growth and prosperity in the months and years ahead. 0S3 Movement is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Tax ID #47-5422260