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OS3 Movement offers a variety of workshops and cultural programs in addition to producing bicycling events.

Summer Bike Camp Program
  • Adopt a Bike This program was put together thinking of low income families that can’t afford a bike or equipment but want to ride or need a way of transportation. We lend bikes available upon request.
  • Fix-2-Own This program similar to Adopt a Bike was also thinking in low income families or individuals all ages that can’t afford a bike or equipment but want to ride or need a way of transportation, bike to work, bike to school etc. People that register to this program they learn basic mechanics to maintain their bike, basic safety tips and operation of a bicycle. Upon successful completion of the program, people can keep the bicycle, since they have the necessary knowledge to take care of them and give them proper and responsible use.
  • 0S3 Youth Reptilians Cycling Team is a day for the youth to train at Monte Carlo Trails, discipline Mountain Bike, this program is designed for Middle Schoolers to High Schoolers cyclers. This training is conducted by local certified coaches by the NICL “National Interscholastic Cycling League” Students learn more than just ride their bikes. Click Here for a complete program description.
  • FNR (Friday Night Ride) FNR, an outreach program of OS3 Movement, is an interdisciplinary bicycling, arts and education program for families that provides opportunities for participants to embrace an active lifestyle regardless of their age and condition. We ride five to seven miles at a low speed from Downtown Nogales to Mariposa Avenue and back.
  • Community Bike Rides This is a complete and almost daily program full of bike rides to promote cycling and wellness among our community. With rides for the whole family, all ages, levels and the accompaniment of one or some of our cyclists who encourage and motivate the begginer cyclist while the lern to live healthier and happier way.
  • Summer Bike Camp A beautiful bike program just for kids made by our 0S3 Youth Reptilians Cycling Team with the supervision of our certified coaches and adult volunteers. This programs kids from 4-13 years learn how to ride their bikes, basic mechanics, fix a flat, basic skills, art, eat healthy, and be safe when riding their bikes. Nogales Police Department, Mariposa Clinic and other important organizations collaborate.
  • Children with Obesity Assistance Program The OS3 MOVEMENT helps children facing obesity by volunteering with indoor or outdoor cycling coaching.
  • Community Coalition Programs We work for the benefit of other charitable agencies such as The Cancer Society, Nogales Community Development, and Nogales Mercado, to name a few. The purpose of this program is to foster a cohesive relationship within the community and plant the seed on young children to love and work for our community’s well being.
  • 0S3 Experience -etc.
  • Bike-2-School -etc.