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0S3 Kids & 0S3 Reptilians Youth trainings

Every Thursday at 5:30 pm, will be carrying out the training of the members of 0S3 Kids and 0S3 Reptilians Youth for their preparation for their participation in the El Tour de Tucson, which will be held in the month of November. This preparation is carried out thanks to the volunteers and members of the 0S3 Movement, and 0S3 Reptilians Cycling Team as well as the support and collaboration of the Santa Cruz County Adolescent Wellness Network.
Todos los Jueves de 5:30 pm de la tarde, se estaran llebando a cabo los entrenamientos de los integrantes de 0S3 Kids y 0S3 Reptilians Youth para su preparacion para su participacion en El Tour de Tucson el cual se llevara a cabo el mes de Noviembre. Esta preparacion es llevada acabo gracias a los voluntarios he integrantes de la familia ciclista de 0S3 Movement y 0s3 Reptilians Cycling Team asi como tambien el soporte y colaboracion de Santa Cruz County Adolescent Wellness Network

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