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Nogales Bicycle Classic 2021 Jersey

The 2021 Nogales Bicycle Jersey will be produced by the Internationally recognized company “Ladino”

Sorry, the time to order your Jersey is over but in mid-October you can find it available at the Cinderella store in Nogales, Az.

Jersey and Shipping option

Note: Jersey will be shipped around the first and second week of September, 2021


Jersey Only option (pick up at the event date)

Artist: Juan Carlos Ibarra Michel

Conceived for the design of a grand scale mural, Juan Carlos Ibarra Michel’s oil painting Nogales is a symbolic visualization of the sister cities of Nogales, Arizona and Sonora. The image portrays Nogales’ history and also tells the story of the artist’s experience growing up in Ambos Nogales, a binational way of life familiar to many generations of Nogalenses. There are many layers of symbolism. The various gears seen throughout the painting reference the mechanism of a clock, symbolizing time, but are also representative of maquilas in Nogales, Mexico. The gears cover the entire canvas: at the top they are the stars, in the middle, foliage from the tree, and at the bottom, white desert blooms.
A focal point in the painting are the twin babies that each represent one Nogales, one for the United States and one for Mexico. Their sun and moon represent the passage of days, months and years. The tree in between the twins and in the middle of the painting is a walnut tree, or “nogal” in Spanish. The babies symbolize the sister cities but they are also a direct allusion to familial ties across the international border. They are also literally part of the landscape: their heads are the sun and moon, their upper bodies are part of the sky, their arms and hands are clouds, and their bended legs form part of the hills and mountains. The light throughout the painting also envelops the twins to symbolize a mother’s womb and the siblings are given life through the mother’s heart at the center of the painting. The upper left portion of the heart also depicts the shell of a walnut, the literal fruit of a nogal, and the figurative fruit of Nogales, its people.

The faint header painted across the top of the painting reads “The Border Vidette”, one of the first newspapers located on Morley Avenue that told the story of Nogales in its infancy. The mural will be located in the original historic building that once housed The Border Vidette, currently an extension of La Cinderella. Represented by vertical notches, the newspaper text spans the entire width of the painting and resembles a wall of bricks. Symbolic of the border wall which paradoxically both divides and unites Ambos Nogales, the bricks cover the entire bottom two-thirds of the painting but it is diaphanous and a wall in nominal terms only. It does little to nothing in separating the two communities and their rooted bonds.
The Union Pacific train that runs along the bottom of the work depicts the railroad connecting Ambos Nogales. While painting the train the artist realized that only the word “Union” would fit. It turned out to be a happy accident because the painting is about unity between the sister cities and the word union is the same in English and Spanish.
Each side of the painting depicts iconic buildings of Ambos Nogales. On the United States side visible are the: 1914 City Hall (Pimeria Alta Historical Society and Museum), 1904 Santa Cruz County Court House, Gebler Memorial building, Sacred Heart Church, La Cinderella, The Border Vidette and Nogales Herald buildings,1934 Customs House, and a historic tufa stone home. On the Mexico side: Los Arcos at the border crossing, Museo de Arte de Nogales, Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion, the original customs house, Fray Marcos Hotel, Pestalozi School, and the many houses situated on hills. Nopal cacti and their fruit are depicted rising up into the sky like balloons. This signature cactus is representative of our desert surroundings and also symbolizes the artist’s childhood memories, evaporating into the sky.

Nogales Bicycle Classic Jersey

The proceeds from the sale of this Jersey will be allocated to the multiple projects of the non-profit organization of the 0S3 Movement at the service of our community and the Nogales Mural Project. Order deadline is September 3rd, 2021 at 10:00 pm. This is just a graphic representation of the jersey, final design may vary a bit. All sales are final.

Please contact us for more information at 0s3movement@gmail.com

For more information about the Nogales Bicycle Classic, registration, routes, sponsorship etc., please visit www.nogalesbicycleclassic.org