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Summer Bike Camp

2020 0S3 Movement Summer Bike

Participating in Summer Bike Camp is about empowerment, building confidence, and above all-FUN!

From June 15 to June  19, 2020

0S3 Movement Summer Bike Camp are adventure-based, week-long, half day camp that teaches elementary and middle school-age kids urban bike safety skills and confidence through empowerment, education, and adventure. Much adventure!

Summer bike campers will

  • Explore their town on their bike and discover its awesome places
  • Learn how to bike safely and bike smart around town with their friends
  • Develop bike repair and maintenance skills. Knowing how to change a flat or adjust your brakes is powerful
  • Become a bike handling ninja
  • Build independence and confidence. Meet new friends. Be active. Have FUN!

Sessions available for incoming

  • 1st and 2nd graders
  • 3rd and 4th graders
  • 5th and 6th graders
  • 7th and 8th graders


  • Camps are 9:00 AM-noon, Monday to Friday.
  • Afternoon activity options available in Traverse City

Kids begin and end each day at Fleischer Park in Nogales, Arizona.  Kids begin the day at 8am and end at 11am.

The fee per kid is $25 to cover week camp expenses and space is limited.


Want to sponsor this event, or provide a scholarship for low-income kids and youth to participate? Please contact us 0s3movement@gmail.com or give us a call at 520-223-1149 with Program Director, Melissa Gallegos.

Here is a sample schedule to get an idea of what kids will experience at Summer Bike Camp:

Day 1: Orientation to Bikes, 0S3 Movement, Basic Bicycle Mechanics & Bike Safety.  Participants learn about simple bike maintenance, bike sizing and fit, how to fit and wear a helmet and socialized with other youth.
Day 2: Safety and Accident Prevention.  Participants learn the steps for entering the roadway without accident.  They will learn to look back and forth for passing traffic and go when it’s clear. Day 2 special guest: Amador Vazquez, Public Safety Officer from the Nogales Police Department.
Day 3: Inspection of Intersections and Road Signs.  Participants learn to pull up to a stop sign, wait for pedestrians, then stop far enough out to see beyond any obstacles, position their pedals for a powerful take-off and go when there’s no conflicting traffic. Day 3 special guest: Sonia Sanchez from Team ADICT
Day 4: See and Be Seen.  Participants learn to turn their heads to see what’s behind them without swerving their bike more than one foot to either side and without falling.  Day 4 special guest: Mariposa Nutrition and Health
Day 5: Road Risks.  Participants learn to dodge their front wheels around a “rock” at the last moment without veering more than one foot to either side and without falling.  They also learn to go between two objects without hitting either. Day 5 special guest: Santos Yescas from Nogales Community Development.
Graduation celebration and ride at the “FNR” Friday Night Ride with the 0S3 Cycling Family.  We meet at the Nogales “Little” Mercado in downtown Nogales, Arizona at 6:30pm.

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